Joanne Salsbury

What a feeling to have someone carry the “lantern of insight”, for all to follow…a light in times of darkness. Joanne hits a home run in explaining, simplifying and sharing, the wild pitches we all face on a daily basis…a true spirit of hope!!!Thank You…

Bill Pace – Louisville, Kentucky

I have read both books and when I need I can pick them up at any time and get the answer that grounds me. Joanne has written the books in simple day to day terms we can all relate to…and then additionally, posts daily on a facebook page that keeps the momentum going to want to grow….Joanne should be the next Ann Landers:)

Kathy Thornton – Tuscan, Arizona

I purchased both of Joanne’s books and find them quite inspiring because I was able to relate with many of her scenarios. She certainly initiates thought into how we interact in our daily lives, how we got here and that it isn’t difficult to make the changes. I am able to pick up the books at any interval or any chapter depending on what I feel is appropriate at the time and I really like being able to do this as my time is limited for reading.

Geri Ann Monroig – New York, NY

I just wanted to give Joanne a big thanks for all the inspirational posts that she puts on FB Author. I also appreciate her taking the time to email me personally if I have any questions or need insight to personal issues that come up for me. Joanne’s posts have so much meaning and are very true. I see how they affect me directly in my life on a day to day basis. It’s amazing how her daily posts may relate to certain situations of mine at the time I need it

Aaron H – Louisville,Kentucky

I really want to emphasize how very much Joanne’s books really touched my heart and opened my mind about looking inside myself for the answers and facing those inner demons that were not even my demons… but someone else’s. I have now put those demons where they belong and I am able to start working on myself to be all I can be

Natercia Perris – UK

The time has come to take the next step. Most people can see the world is losing control of itself. We have made progress in so many ways, but we do not know how to grow emotionally with the changes. People are not very good with change in general and the changes are faster than we can handle. It is causing depression, drug, sexual and emotional abuses and even suicide because the soul is lost in the myriad of the unknown with no tangible hope of a life rope.

During the depression, we became a world of paranoia and worry about “not having” . We then went to the complete opposite dysfunction by rallying where things came too easily. We went from basic living and survival to excess living. We have lost the reward of the journey. People are waiting for someone else to fix the world, their life, their job.

We cannot wait any longer. No one wants to take responsibility for their own decisions and I believe most don’t even understand they have responsibility for their own. Values are blurred. Boundaries are non-existent. Children think nothing of stealing a sweater, having sex, talking back to adults disrespectfully.

Find Out About Joanne’s Books

The Many Faces Of Self Esteem

Where Is My Magic

Beyond Self Esteem

Many of us have unrealistic hopes that someone will see our potential and hand us an easy blueprint for life; thereby, creating a set of expectations to guide us… Read More

The Many Faces Of Self Esteem

The Many Faces Of Self Esteem

The Stepchild Of Human Development

Self Esteem has always been the stepchild of human development. We tap dance around all of the problems people have with illness, relationships and communication issues, but… Read More

Obtaining The Pearl

Obtaining The Pearl

Understanding Your Journey For Truth

Truth is also a scary term at times. What does it mean to us and our self-esteem? In times of discontentment, we direct the blame at others or feel like we are being… Read More

I am an author/ speaker for change and truth. It begins within each one of us. Speakers have been making their efforts to condition us for this change. It is time to take off the masks, live for ourselves, and feel the hope come from inside of us, not from watching TV and hoping the next President is going to make things better. Finding our own truth will allow us to stand for something greater than what we could imagine.

Are you alienating people from your life?
Are you feeling lost?
Are you jumping from job to job?
Are you always without money?
Do you feel alone?
Do you need constant validation for your efforts?
Do you let others “take” from you when you do not have it to give?
Are you jealous of others?
Are you controlling of others?
Do you lack control?
Are you afraid to say the truth or stand up for yourself?
Are you addicted?
Are you being abused?

These questions could go on and on. Self esteem can solve 97% of these issues. If what you have learned is not working for you to date, then you need to begin evaluating what needs to be put in the “trash” and begin anew. We get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your mind will resist until the habit changes, which is the challenge.

The value you place on yourself will be the value that is returned to you. So, if you are not receiving what you want, then it goes to say, that your honest opinion of yourself is equal to the value you are receiving.