I wasn’t sure how to start this very first newsletter, but I decided I would leave my FB author page  ( ) focused on self esteem issues and leave this blog for how self esteem affects our health and what we can do about it for ourselves.  Of course, they overlap in importance, but maybe one day you are more interested in one than another.  Of course, I have no issue with you asking questions or making comments about either topic on each site.

I thought I would start with a brief education that you can review and identify yourself what you feel your issues may be and how they are affecting your physical body.  I will not be writing the newsletter every day as on FB, but when I have a new thought I want to give you, I will write it on here.

We have all heard about “the chakras” within the human body.  I am sure there are those who feel “chakra talk” is strictly for spiritual people and made up by a guru somewhere.   Those same people feel they do not need to learn about something that has nothing to do with them because they have no intention of learning about them.  That is ok, of course, we have free will.  It is not necessary to be an expert on it anyway.  There are others who enjoy doing that for us.

What I do want to relate to people is the magnitude of illness, strokes, cancers, aches, pains, depressions, and addictions to name a few that relate directly to the human body and how we take care of that body.   We are the creators of our own issues.  That …we can relate to most obviously.  We are not doing such a good job of staying healthy and the doctors are trying to keep up the best they can with medications, operations and even therapies, physically or emotionally.  Yet, we see an increase of all the problems instead of a decrease.  Wouldn’t it be great to start looking younger and feeling younger and have the doctor give you a good report!

Bare with me on a little bit of educational here.  The chakras each portray a specific color in the spectrum as well as connected to different body/emotional parts. They align from the bottom (first chakra) and move up to the seventh chakra on top.  I talk about using color in my 3rd book “Where Is My Magic?” and how to use for healing yourself.

The chakra colors follow:  ROY G BIV (you all remember this!)


You can see which chakra relates to issues you may be having emotionally(in picture).  If you are having trouble “feeling”, your second chakra is blocked which will block the others on the way up.

Starting from the bottom, the first or root chakra is what keeps our feet on the ground, whereas the top seventh or crown chakra is our grounding point to letting our intuition flow.

Our fourth or heart chakra serves as the meeting ground of these two polarities of infinite and finite.  Balance!

Chakras rule certain areas of our body as well as emotional areas. Our lower body which we are normally Unconscious about, maintains grounding with the planet, digestion, and elimination.

• The first chakra rules the skeleton, legs, knees, and feet.
• The second chakra rules the genitals, abdomen, and lower back.
• The third chakra rules the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

If you are having medical/emotional problems in these areas, that is what chakra is blocked

Chakras of our Consciousness rule the middle part of our body which we are generally conscious, such as relationships, health, and communication.

• The fourth chakra rules the heart, lungs, immune system, arms, and hands.
• The fifth chakra rules the throat, mouth, speech, and hearing.

Again, If you are having medical/emotional problems in these areas, that is what chakra is blocked.

Chakras of our Superconscious rule the upper part of our body that are larger in the realm of the super conscious, such as higher ideals and expanded consciousness.

• The sixth chakra rules the vision, face, head, sleep, and dreams.
• The seventh chakra rules the brain and nervous system.

Consciousness is the experience of “be-ing,” which represents everything that is possible for us to experience. These senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories that are associated with each of the seven chakras.


• Etheric/PhysicalBody
– The first chakra is survival, vitality, security and grounding to physical life.
Emotional Body
– The second chakra is emotions, sexuality, intimacy, nurturing, and shelter.
Mental Body
– The third chakra is thoughts, energy, vitality and power systems.
Divine Child/Guardian Angel
– The fourth chakra is love, health, compassion and relationships.
Causal Body
– The fifth chakra is communication and higher creativity like healing.
I AM Presence
– The sixth chakra is inspiration, imagination, intuition and spiritual power.
Multidimensional SELF

The seventh chakra is unity with multidimensional consciousness.  An understanding of pure love and the connectedness of all.

Again, If you are having medical/emotional problems in these areas, that is the chakra that is blocked which affects the other chakras.

To put into practice:

Tensions that are experienced in real life are also felt in our body via the chakra system.

• A first-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties with our daily survival, vital energy, or dedication to physical life – body as problems with our skeleton, legs, knees, or feet •
A second-chakra problem would express through our:- consciousness as difficulties with our emotions, ability to give or receive nurturing, or our home
– body as problems with our reproductive organs, intestines, or lower back
• A third-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties with thinking and power struggles with others or within our self
– body as problems with our liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, or pancreas
• A fourth-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties giving or expressing love in our relationships and our over-all health
– body as problems with our heart, lungs, immune system, arms, or hands
• A fifth-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties with communication and creativity
– body as problems with our throat, mouth, speech, or hearing
• A sixth-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties with inspiration, imagination, and spiritual power
– body as nightmares or problems with our vision, face, head, or sleep
• A seventh-chakra problem would express through our:
– consciousness as difficulties with mind expansion
– body as problems with our brain or nervous system

This is all a bit like Maslow’s hierarchy for those who are familiar with this in psychology, but stretched out to many other areas involved.  Like self esteem, we have control over how life affects our bodies.  We can justify, make excuses and blame others, but it all falls back on us.  Changing your perception of life can begin to shift your energies.

As I have said in a few of my posts:
When you are not able to love yourself as we have described in the recent FB posts, you are out of alignment with your chakras.  This lack of alignment will often create an initiation of an illness, accident or life issue because all of your pistons are not firing at the same time. Your SELF will “get your attention.” It is like driving a car with a flat tire. You may still move forward, but you will endanger other parts of the car. So you either pull over and fix it or damage the car forever to ill repair. If you cannot change the tire yourself, you get assistance…

This is actually what I am trained to do for your unseen pistons.  Heal your self-esteem which is the main step and use meta acupuncture to open your blocked channels so you can fix and heal yourself. The whole package. You will start to look younger and feel younger. All of your aches and pains, wrinkles, etc are from not taking care of your car.

I have had such good success with the remote acupuncture I could do it all day.  The energy works on many levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. My main interest is helping people to clear energy blockages so that they can begin instant healing effects. With so much negative and chaotic energy happening at this time, keeping everything flowing in your own body is one of the most important things that one can achieve.  I can see where I get blocked and it makes it easier for me to see what I need to focus on emotional and physically.  I have a re-occurring issue with the solar plexus that keeps me busy keeping unblocked.

I really hope people will become intrigued with this blog and truly participate with any “ah, ha’s” you may have, realizations of light bulbs going off or connecting some dots in others that you are observing.  Everyone’s input will help others who may not have realized the simplicity of how to fix their emotional or physical self.

I will also include successes with my healings (I will leave full names out), so you can be part of the new world of SELF.  We need to take care of ourselves first because if we leave it to others…well… we see how that is workingJ

We are all One! Let us help each other and in turn, help Mother Gaia (earth) feel better too!  I do hope you will participate and ask questions

One with you