About The Author

Joanne Salsbury has been pursuing the enigma of self esteem for 32 years. Her own conscious journey began 32 years ago when a friend was having difficulties finding his way. At that time, Joanne was a student in a newly created class at the University which focused solely on self esteem. The lecturer gave out his card the first day to everyone saying he was available 24 / 7. Joanne had never heard of any teacher offering this or at best what self esteem actually meant and how could there be a class on it. After the first class, she was so perplexed but intrigued; she contacted this man to see if he could assist her friend. (Oddly, this class lasted one quarter …almost as if it was meant for Joanne to meet him.

In the interim of helping her friend, she realized her self esteem was in need of work because she recognized she was being told how to live, what to do and always feeling lost on the inside. She had no idea this was fixable. The next ten years, she attended every lecture and seminar this man presented in and out of the university receiving honorary Masters in Human Development alongside her BBA/MBA in business.

Developing one’s self esteem is obviously not an overnight process, but the ideal of being free of fear, doubt and confusion was so consuming for her she realized there had to be so many others who also had no idea of the limitless power of self esteem and the overall effects on any one individual to large countries.

Joanne was born in Portsmouth, Ohio a quaint southern river town nestled in the Shawnee Forest area with strong Native American Indian heritage. She presently lives in San Diego, California. Joanne was a consultant for 15+ years re-structuring companies. “I basically created “high self esteem” companies.” And yes, self esteem can take on many faces. She presently works in a behavioral health hospital for 16+ years, so she has seen the devastation, disappointments, lost hopes and chemically/physically changed human anatomy from escaping the internal pain.