My Goal

My Goal

I am writing and speaking to all of the people of the world in hopes that each person realizes that he/she can achieve high “Self” esteem no matter what your background, education or circumstances. There is a bridge from the pain to happiness.

High self esteem is a personal issue between you and your higher good. No one else is involved, but you. It is learned behavior that is compiled from all of your experiences and interactions to date…refined in either a positive or negative manner…where over time, the picture of yourself has been created.

Natural emotions exist for a reason. These emotions have been distorted over time and most do not understand what any of the emotions can do for us positively. I would like to help you remember or regain the understanding and purpose of your Self, so you can also know and enjoy your own personal esteem and feel the hope coming from inside of you and not wait for hope to come to you.

I want to bring the “magic” back to the world. Parents are teaching their children that magic doesn’t exist or imaginary magical icons that we grew up is only Mom and Dad . They are taking away the one thing that enables us to dream and create as a child. They are suffocating growth and creativity of child before they even get to the age of five.

Magic does exist in real form. I have seen and photographed them!

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