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Meta-Acupuncture: Meta-Acupuncture is a direct healing method that combines Qigong (ancient Chinese healing used for over 2000 years) and Acupuncture utilizing psychological suggestion with the universal power guided by me. About 98% who receive the healing will immediately start to feel the effects working. It opens the meridians and channels that become blocked over the years due to consistent emotional and physical traumas to the body. It eliminates problem energy and destroys the manifestations of disease and has been known to go so far as to eliminate disease.

This can be used for any person or your pets (in person or with a group / and / or remotely at any distance.) The only participation from you is remaining in a calm state as I do the work. There will be no direct physical contact so it is non-invasive. It can also strengthen the immune system to insure you do not develop other physical ailments in the future.

Please Note: This is not to replace Western medicine or your present physician treatments, but to enhance results. It is possible that an illness or disease has reached an irreversible level which then cannot be changed. Obviously, this is the same in Western medicine.

I am blessed to meet Joanne Salisbury and trust her good heart to heal me from pain of nasty kidney stones, as the stones were stacking inside the tube. She did the meta-acupuncture remotely from San Diego. I am in England. It was a 30 minute session and within 30 minutes I don’t feel any pain, no lower pain, no back or side pain… the rest of healing process of kidney stone took a few days from session. Most amazing I could actually feel the energy making me calm and comfortable and the miracle did happen. The stone passed in a few days and interim I had no pain! I trust in her and I know all was done with such caring and calling from God and his angels using her to heal me. I am okay now, and the stone has pass out and my spirit also healed. I feel alive again.
Thank you, Joanne
Filipa P. – United Kingdom

I was open to letting Joanne work on a chronic issue I have had sense right knee replacement. I have had constant daily pain, swelling and stiffness and yet doctors keep saying the knee replacement was successful. I talked to Joanne and she evaluated the situation and said she would work on my knee using the meta-acupuncture. It was a 30 minute session and I never left my house. She was at her office. During the session, I felt twitching all on the front and sides of knee and the back of knee. She never told me about working on back of knee so when I told her I had twitching in the back too…she laughed and said I did do work there too. She later told me she worked on osteoarthritis of the knee rather than the actual joint. I could not believe the results! I swear… the swelling went down, my knee was less stiff and I had no pain. I was able to have a good night’s sleep. The results were so subtle but definitely there were results. It was not 100%, but in one session, it was 60% better. We are going to do a second session in a few days. I will report back, but I would recommend and you never have to leave your house.
Linda A – San Diego, California

Healing Session: $120.00 / initial ½ hour session

Follow-up healing sessions: $75.00 / ½ hour session

Some people experience results after one session. If it requires more sessions, we can have a consultation free to you and identify if we are working on the correct issue. We can also decide if there is another method that would be more suitable in handling your particular issue.

Items I will need from you:

  • I will need a picture of you by mail or by email, so I can sync and connect mentally into your body at time of healing.
  • We will need to identify a time convenient to both of us taking into consideration all time changes.
  • Identification of physical issue/s that need healing. This can be any issue as a headache, plantar fasciitis to cancer, tumor or cysts. I will initially need some information about your issue with a questionnaire I will send you prior.

Emotional Healing: This works with the same principle as the meta-acupuncture except it focus on emotions that need healed. I do not use the acupuncture method with this, but I use empowered objects to remove the emotions safely. This is just as important as the physical healing as physical ailments come from emotional.

Healing Session: $45.00 / initial ½ hour session

FollowUp healing sessions: $30.00 / ½ hour session

***I will also need your photo

Identifying Your Birth Qi energy: I will identify what your fixed energy (QI) was at time of your birth. Some people cruise through life and others are always dodging obstacles. If there are many hurdles, you use up more energy and may create blockages in your body that turn into disease later. I will identify ways for more energy by finding what balances you and identifying hurdles, so someone can pass hurdles with ease.

This is not an astrological reading, but can identify areas of your body that are affected most if stress is involved and what emotion you tend to use when stress occurs.

Basic Chart to Identify Your Birth Qi:

One Chart: $15.00

Multiple Charts: $13.00
(Must order at least 2)

Relationship: $35.00
2 individual charts examined for Pros and Cons of relationship

I will need:

Your birth : Year, Month, Day and exact Hour of birth… Place of birth (Location)

If for a relationship: I will need all of the same for both people.

Type Of Chart

If you would like Feng Shui suggestions to assist you: This can include colors to wear or have around you, what area you would live most happily and be the most productive.

Please add: $10.00

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